Visual Design January 1, 2017

CanYo – Social Challenges

One of the rarest projects that have no current user challenges to fix but raising from seeing a business opportunity to gain a market share in the vlogs ecosystem.

CanYo is an application that allows users to publish challenges and invite other members to share vlogs to solve or reach the challenge milestones.

I Conducted stakeholder interviews to understand the product strategy and goals. Next, I mapped the screen flows for the tasks that the user can perform.

After that, I designed two high-fidelity prototypes for both the relatives and the medical representatives and produced an interactive prototype using Principle.


CanYo - Social Challenges - Video Reactions

CanYo – Social Challenges – Video Reactions


Principle Prototype.

  • Strategy

    Sports, Social Application, Community-Based

  • Client


  • Timeline

    3 Weeks

  • Team

    Me (Solo Designer)