Hashtails – Twitter Streaming

During the 2014-2015 period, I worked in a geospatial research lab to produce interactive (designed & developed) demos.
The purpose wasn’t business or user value but to showcase the research value and get the eligibility to submit patents or convert it to an active startup.

One of the projects was a platform that uses the Twitter engine to retrieve and present the tweets about ongoing events (e.g., World Cup) and visualize the different parameters associated with each tweet in a dashboard that representing the accumulative data (e.g., media, geo-location map, tweets over time, top people, locations, and languages).

I partner with one senior UX designer to compose multiple interactions in the projects. It was the first project that I write the front-end development from scratch (including AngularJS framework).

Hashtails have been grown and become one of the most successful startups in the Middle East and currently operating under the name of Lucidya. I worked with the Lucidya team on a contract basis between Nov 2016 – Apr 2017. I carried the design and front-end activities where I increased website load speed by 30% by refactoring the codebase using JS modules) and helped in creating the new codebase using ReactJS.

  • Strategy

    Strategical Dashboard

  • Client

    Internal Client + Lucidya

  • Timeline

    6 Months

  • Team

    Senior Visual Designer, Me