Kader – Job Transferring Requests

Dealing with employees’ requests for changing work locations every year is a massive manual effort with multiple aspects of knowing the empty vacancies across the kingdom and moving each candidate based on his/her application submission and eligibility.

I have designed a PoC that showcases how to manage job transfers and relocation requests. The recommendations are handled automatically based on mathematical engine calculations.

I began analyzing the mathematical engine requirements and described the jobs-to-be-done for each user segment. After that, I created an IA concept explaining what each user can do in the different platform screens.

Kader - DoGo Mapping Flow

Next was designing a high-fidelity prototype that demonstrates how the stakeholders can: manage several competitions and rounds of selection, upload applicants, applications, and listing the vacancies.

With that scale, it was also mandatory to design an executive’s dashboards in the three different stages for each competition: Pre, During, and Post.

  • Strategy

    Governmental Service, Jobs Management, Hiring Managers Administration

  • Client

    Proof of Concept - Ministry of Health

  • Timeline

    3 Month

  • Team

    Me (Solo Designer) + Development Team