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Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


    • Participate in delivering various projects simultaneously as an IC/project lead; while clarifying the project's objectives to the team and setting the experience strategy.
    • Attend business development & scoping meetings, besides developing technical proposals that define project scope, objectives, and deliverables.
    • Contribute to healthy team motivation and morale, offering technical and logistical support, manage the hiring activities, and resource utilization.

Projects: Designing Telecom. Executives Dashboard, Shaping Consumers' Personal Endowment

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


    • Communicated and delivered conceptual models & designed low-fidelity prototypes, and validated them with the stakeholders.
    • Prepared the project's plan & onboard team members on responsibilities and ownership.
    • Conducted & prepared research and service design activities, interview sessions, heuristics evaluation, journey mapping, service blueprinting, etc.
    • Reviewed and critiqued my team members' work.

Projects: Designing Initiatives Management Service, Employees' Intranet Portal Journey Mapping, Heuristic Evaluation, Health Partitioners Portal.

Location: Makkah, Saudi Arabia


    • Worked as a solo designer to implement and deliver designed solutions, planned the user experience from the ground up, conducted research to align design scope, sketched initial concepts, guided user testing sessions, created user flows and IA.
    • Created Low & High Fidelity prototypes and interactive prototypes (Principle, or sometimes an HTML demo).
    • Converted visual designs into interaction layout using HTML5, SASS & Javascript.
    • Trained & mentored, and help develop junior designers and team members.
    • Used Google Maps API to visualize data on heatmaps & other map styles and used different data visualization libraries to display end-user statistics and dashboards.
    • Produced single-page applications using JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS and VueJS.

Projects: Kader - Job Transferring Requests, Daif - Transportation Crowd Management, Reassure - Relative Health Updates, Hashtails - Twitter Streaming, Manasikana - Pilgrims Guidance & Tools.

Location: Alexandira, Egypt


    • Designed UI layouts across website & mobile channels.
    • Worked as a front-end developer to built HTML/CSS architecture for websites and web-based applications.

Location: Mostly Remote.


    • Worked as an independent contractor to create complex, highly usable, responsive websites and mobile applications.

Education & Certifications

NNg - UX Certificate - UX Research Specialty
Certificate, UX Research Specialty


MIT - Executive Program
Human-Computer Interaction for User Experience


Emeritus - Postgraduate Diploma
Postgraduate Diploma, Innovation & Design Thinking


Udacity - Front End Nanodegree
Nanodegree, Front End Developer


Assuit University - Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry & Physics


Recorded & Live Courses


Among my colleagues, I’m known for always striving to explore new areas and learn new things, not only for my own sake but to share this with the community and newcomers to the design field.


I have recorded and conducted multiple courses and talks on different topics with around 3000 viewers and admissions.

How to become User Experience Designer?
How to become User Experience Designer?
UX Writing Course
UX Writing Course
User Experience for Startups
User Experience for Startups
Design Thinking Phases
Design Thinking Phases

Volunteering efforts

Community & Volunteering.

Giving to the community makes me feel happy to inspires me to learn more to share more.

Volunteering - Adplist Mentor Designers
Design & Career Mentor
Volunteered to mentor designers in the community-based platform Adplist for Career Advice, Interview Techniques, Portfolio Review.
Conducted 10 sessions with different mentees.
Check Mentees Reviews
Volunteering - WIAD Local Organizer
Saudi Local Event Organizer

Followed WIAD guidelines and the 2021 theme ” Curiosity ” to deliver the event artifacts.
Sent and respond to registration surveys and assembled a team of volunteers and co-organizers to help deliver the event.
Provided event experience that matches the year’s theme, suggested the talks’ topics content, agenda, and selecting the speakers and onboard them to the event.

Volunteering - Udacity Career Counselor
Career Counseling Specialist

I have been selected from the Udacity team to be part of the Career Counseling Program, which is meant to develop a meaningful connection with senior experts who have spent many years in the local Saudi market.

I have been assigned to 5 apprentices ranges from student, graduate, unemployed, and employed to guide them in 2 sessions for each (each session was 1 hour) in career-related topics that include, General career guidance, Specific tactical (career) guidance on either: Company navigation, Networking, Job search, and Interview preparation (technical and behavioral).

Volunteering - NGO Exc. Director, Media & Design
Exc. Director, Media & Design

Volunteered in Education Awareness & Anti-Literacy campaigns as Media Coordinator & Graphical Designer.
Volunteered in Drug Awareness and Anti-Drug campaigns as Media Coordinator, Graphical Designer, and Executive Director.
Volunteered as a Social Media Team Leader for the entity’s Official Pages.

Design, Digital Transformation, Innovation

Business Development.

Since joining my current employer, a consultancy firm, I started analyzing and responding to RFP/RFI requests.

Over the last two years, I have created around 20 technical proposals – that include: Project Delivery Methodology, In-Scope and Out-Scope Variables, Project Duration, Timeline, and suggested team structure, Deliverables, and outcomes for each phase of the project along with the delivery cappings.

Service Design: Re-engineering end-to-end beneficiary journeys of governmental services.
Service & UX Design: Reimagine the current employee experience in browsing, redeeming, and sharing offers.
Services & UX Assessment: Measure and analyze the experience of 26 MCI’s digital services.
UX Design: Digital Platform that enables pensioners to access all the information they need.
Innovation Lab: Planning, Assembling, Knowledge-Transferring and Operating.
Service & UX Design: Redesign digital omni-channels and combine the existing scattered investment solutions.
+17 more—The acceptance and awarding ratio was 25%.