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I currently hold the position of Experience Manager at PwC, where I’ve amassed a rich 12-year background in experience design and innovation consultancy. My journey has allowed me to contribute significantly across sectors such as government, telecommunications, financial services, startups, and education, focusing on creating holistic user experiences.

In addition to my primary role, I’ve mentored over 600 students and designers, imparting essential skills in design, user experience, and design thinking. My work spans conducting research, service design activities, developing information architectures, and crafting user stories to guide development teams. I’m skilled in transforming ideas into prototypes, leading design workshops, and ensuring projects align with strategic objectives.

My commitment extends beyond professional responsibilities to education and knowledge sharing. Through various courses and talks, I have reached around 3,000 individuals. Balancing leadership and multitasking, I spearhead projects with clear goals, focusing on delivering impactful digital and service experiences.

Work Experience

Momen Zakaria - Experience Manager at PwC Middle East
Jan 2022 → Present
Experience Manager | PwC

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Momen - Designing Initiatives Management Service & Strategical Dashboard
Jan 2021 → Dec 2021
Manager, Research & UX | HUED

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Momen - Heuristic Evaluation
Jul 2019 → Dec 2020
Sr. Consultant, UX | HUED

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Momen Zakaria - UX Designer - Umm Al Qura University
Jul 2014 → Jun 2019
Sr. UX & Front-End Developer | Umm Al-Qura University

Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Reassure - Relative Health Updates - List
Nov 2009 → Jun 2014
UI Developer & UX Designer | GULFSIP Telecommunication

Alexandria, Egypt

Momen Zakaria - Design Consultant
Jan 2011 → Present
Founder | Personal Agency


Emeritus - Postgraduate Diploma - Momen Zakaria
Postgraduate Diploma, Innovation & Design Thinking

2019 - 2020

Assuit University - Bachelor of Science - Momen Zakaria
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry & Physics

2003 - 2009

Professional Certifications

Kubicle - Diploma, Principles of Generative AI - Momen Zakaria
Diploma, Principles of Generative AI

Certificate ID: 77085

MRS - Certificate, Market and Social Research - Momen Zakaria
Certificate, Market and Social Research

Market Research Society (MRS)
Certificate ID: 4977

NNg - UX Certificate - UX Research Specialty
Certificate, UX Research Specialty

Nielsen Norman Group (nn/G)
Certificate ID: 1039736

MIT - Executive Program - Momen Zakaria
Human-Computer Interaction for User Experience

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Certificate ID: 1039736

Udacity - Front End Nanodegree - Momen Zakaria
Nanodegree, Front End Developer

Certificate ID: 1039736

Recorded & Live Courses


I’m recognized for my passion for discovering new frontiers in design and my dedication to knowledge sharing, particularly with those new to our field.My commitment has led me to create and lead numerous courses and presentations on a variety of topics, engaging over 3,000 participants and viewers in a journey of learning and exploration.
How to become User Experience Designer?
How to become User Experience Designer?
UX Writing Course
UX Writing Course
User Experience for Startups
User Experience for Startups
Design Thinking Phases
Design Thinking Phases
Volunteering efforts

Community & Volunteering.

Contributing to the community fills me with joy and motivates me to deepen my knowledge so I can share even more.

I provided guidance as a mentor on Adplist, a community platform, offering advice on careers, interviewing, and portfolio reviews to designers. I’ve had the pleasure of conducting sessions with various mentees, across 12 different countries.
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Volunteering - WIAD Local Organizer
Saudi Local Event Organizer

Dec 2020 - Mar 2021

Aligned with the World Information Architecture Day (WIAD) guidelines and the 2021 theme “Curiosity,” I managed the creation of event materials. I handled the distribution and response to registration surveys, assembled a supportive team of volunteers and co-organizers, and ensured our event resonated with the year’s theme. This involved curating the content and agenda for talks, selecting speakers, and integrating them into the event to provide a cohesive and engaging experience for all attendees.

Volunteering - Udacity Career Counselor
Career Counseling Specialist

2019 - 2020

The Udacity team selected me for their Career Counseling Program to foster connections with seasoned professionals in the Saudi market. My role involved mentoring five apprentices, each at different stages in their careers, through two one-hour sessions. These sessions covered broad and specific career advice, including navigating companies, networking, job searching, and preparing for interviews, both technical and behavioral.

Volunteering - NGO Exc. Director, Media & Design
Exc. Director, Media & Design

2012 - 2014

I served as a Media Coordinator and Graphic Designer for education awareness and anti-literacy initiatives. Additionally, I contributed to Drug Awareness and Anti-Drug campaigns in multiple roles: Media Coordinator, Graphic Designer, and Executive Director. I also took on the role of Social Media Team Leader, overseeing the official pages of the NGO.