Daif – Transportation Crowd Management

Daif is a mobile application for managing and tracking buses’ movement during one of the busiest sessions in the world Hajj session (liable for mobilizing around 17000 buses).

It was the first time I designed such a complex solution that serves seven user segments responsible for Warehousing, Mapping, Guiding, Supervising, Booking, Scheduling, Operating the buses. Many employees and volunteers set yearly to manage the process, and most of them weren’t tech-savvy. They used to operate via manual paper sheets.

Our team conducted observational research on the bus locations to see how the users manage the current process.

After that, I designed a high-fidelity prototype for the seven user segments and produced an interactive prototype using Principle.

  • Strategy

    Governmental Service, Crowd Management Platform, Multi-Roles Application

  • Client

    Ministry of Hajj and Umrah

  • Timeline

    6 Months

  • Team

    Me (Solo Designer) + Development Team